Reads Coffee

Giles Dick-Read, who founded the roastery with his wife Charlotte back in 2001 after collecting their first roaster from South Devon in a horse trailer. 

‘Reads is all about delivering freshly roasted speciality beans to our customers, from large Café’s to home users, wherever they may be, promptly and in the best possible condition’.

Operating from a converted Dairy on the edge of Sherborne, surrounded by Dorset’s stunning scenery, there’s nothing remotely urban about Reads HQ.  

Roasting and sourcing interesting new origins and some exceptional decaff’s are just as much the focus at Reads, with a range of speciality beans on offer from across the globe. 

’We can roast anything from 25 grams to 25 kilos at a time’, say Giles, ‘flexibility is not an issue as its freshness that counts.  We roast the coffee the way we like to best drink it ourselves -

 as it happens, filter is always on the brew, so there’s something for everyone whether it be a light, bright, fruity African through to a full-on dark roast Indonesian ground shaker’.


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